How to order prescriptions online.


How to order prescriptions online.

Please try and maintain social distancing by ordering your repeat prescriptions online whenever possible.
Please also nominate your preferred pharmacy so the prescription can be sent directly to them electronically.

We recommend one of these systems:

This can be used on any smartphone-

This can be used on your phone, tablet or PC.

How so I set the online system up?

Complete the registration process, by following the instructions on one of the above systems. To complete the registration process it may ask for you to contact us so we can confirm we have seen your photo id.
Please phone us on 01606 836481 to help you with this.

Are you a carer?

If someone you care for is unable to go online and order their repeat prescriptions,  they can give consent for you their carer to do this for them. You will both need to complete this short form and sign it to confirm you both agree with the arrangement.
When setting up this service, we may need to see photo id for you and the person you care for. Please be aware this will give you access to view their medical records.

How do I order online prescriptions for my child?
Parents with children over 11 will also need to complete this form. If your child is 11 or under we will not need a completed form to set this up for you. 

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