Covid19 Vaccination “Frequently Asked Questions”


Covid19 Vaccination “Frequently Asked Questions”

We have put together some frequently asked questions about COVID 19 vaccinations to support you during this time.

➡️ Who will be giving the vaccination?

We are working in collaboration with our Primary Care Network (PCN) SMASH which stands for Sandbach, Middlewich, Alsager, Scholar Green and Haslington. The network is one of the only PCNs in the country to be running two vaccination sites. There is one in Alsager and one in Middlewich. The team on the day you attend will be a team for all practices within this group. You may recognise some familiar faces from Oaklands Medical Centre.

➡️ Where will the vaccines be given?

Our vaccination centre is based at:
Middlewich Victoria Hall Civic Centre,
Civic Way
CW10 9AS

➡️ How do we make an appointment?

Initial invitations will be sent out via SMS text message for speed and effectiveness, bookings can be made by reply.

➡️ What happens if I or my family member have no mobile phone?

Don’t worry, our team are busy working through those without numbers and contacting via your landline to book an appointment.

➡️ Who gets invited?

We are currently working in line with the government advice and working through the elderly and most vulnerable first. We have no say in this, this is decided at government level. We will update you on here as we gradually move through the groups.

➡️ Can I choose which vaccination to have?

Unfortunately, we can only give you the vaccination that we have been supplied with. The aim of mass vaccination is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. This vaccination programme is logistically very difficult due to the transport and storage of both vaccinations.
If you do have a severe allergy that has required adrenaline or an anaphylaxis reaction in the past then the current advice is to give you the AstraZeneca Vaccination.
If you have had a previous severe reaction – we may ask you to have your vaccination in hospital.

➡️ Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have the vaccination?

You should not have the vaccination if:
🦠 if you currently have Covid19 or have had it in the past 4 weeks.
💉If you have had the flu vaccination in the past 7 days
🤰🏻 if you are currently pregnant
Please cancel & re-arrange your appointment if you have any covid symptoms ( Cough, fever, change in taste or smell), awaiting test results, or are currently in isolation due to a positive contact.

➡️ Will you be vaccinating the housebound patients?

Unfortunately due to the unstable nature of the vaccines, this is proving logistically difficult.  If you are able to get to the Vaccination centre this will enable you to have your vaccination much quicker.

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